Ikea Lack Table Hack: Making a TV Stand from 2 Ikea Lack Side Tables

These little Ikea Lack side tables are great. They’re £5 (£8 for pictured Oak colour) which is unbelievably cheap. You see them everywhere!

Ikea Lack hack: two lack tables converted to one TV stand with shelf

This is a totally simple hack. I had two of these tables, and I wanted to add a shelf to one. The reason is that they’re the perfect width for an amp and/or DVD player. You could probably make a sweet HiFi rack out of them by doing a similar thing. Here’s the end result.

The first thing to do is decide what height you want that little shelf to be. So, measure your amp or whatever to get it, and then add a centimeter. Mine is 24cm. You know what they say kids, measure twice, cut once!

So take your tables out to the shed, and cut the legs on table 1 down to size. This is the top table. Don’t throw away the off cuts – they’re going to be the bottom legs of your TV stand. Here’s what you’re left with:

Legs cut off table 1!

Now you need to remove the legs from table 2. Set them aside, you don’t need them again here and you can use them in another project. First though, remove the screws from the top of them. You’ll probably need a pair of pliers to grip them.

Now you want to take the little off-cuts and reattach them to the table 2 tabletop, using the screws you just removed. You will need a drill to put 5mm holes into the centre of these, before you can put the screws in them. Then just screw them into the tabletop as normal. You are now holding the bottom part of your TV stand.

Now you gotta attach the two mini-tables together!

This is more awkward than it sounds because the legs are hollow and you can’t just screw them in like you did before. So, you need to attach four little wooden blocks to the table ‘shelf’ into which the legs will screw:

Cut 4 little blocks that fit into the legs

Ignore that little leg. It’s not meant to be there!

That really is the most difficult bit. You need to cut out four little blocks (I just picked up some scrap) to fit inside the legs. The blocks are screwed on to the table – about 4mm from each corner – and the legs set onto those.

Once the legs are on, put little screws into the sides that go into the block of wood. That’ll hold the legs in place.

Attaching hollow Ikea Lack table legs on to a table-top. Fun.

Attaching hollow legs on to a table-top. Fun.

So hopefully now you’ve got a TV stand! Please remind me to take more photos next time I do this; pictures make it much easier to understand. Leave any questions in the comments.

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